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Aerosol Box Intubation Box

Intubation Aerosol Box

Aerosol Box is made of sturdy Polycarbonate Material

Aerosol Block / Box (Polycarbonate)

We use only Polycarbonate material for this box. Please be aware that some manufacturers use acrylic instead of polycarbonate. While acrylic is cheaper, it is brittle, will break when dropped and may crack with repeated cleaning.

"In some hospitals that have run out of N95 masks, some providers are either reusing N95 masks or wearing surgical masks. This puts them at much higher risk of contracting COVID-19. To protect healthcare providers from this virus during the intubation process, Dr. Hsien Yung Lai, has designed the Aerosol Box that effectively shields a provider’s face from a patient’s airway, while allowing the provider to move his/her arms freely to perform all necessary tasks during endotracheal intubation." This is an open source design by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai

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